Tuesday, December 28, 2021

How Dating Could Impact Your Divorce

It may seem natural for people who are getting a divorce to rejoin the dating world. While it may seem like a perfectly normal thing to do, there could be legal issues that come with dating before a divorce. The professionals at are ready to assist you in making valuable decisions.

First, it is important to note that post separation alimony cannot be awarded if a spouse is able to meet their financial demands without any help. In other words, it is not just an easy payday. If you are not a dependent, then post separation alimony cannot be ordered. However, if a spouse has been dating prior to the separation, the petition for alimony could be thrown out altogether.

That brings up the question of should you start dating while you are separated? There is no absolute answer to this question.  However, it will make for a much easier divorce from a legal standpoint if you are not dating anyone. The bottom line is that you are still married by law.

In North Carolina, being sexually involved with someone else when you are married technically classifies as a misdemeanor charge. Some judges will not even care about the fact that you may have started dating someone. However, there is always the chance that you could stand before the one judge who is offended by this and takes it into consideration when rendering a final verdict. It's important to be represented by the best Charlotte family law attorney available. 

Child custody issues in a divorce can also be impacted by one of the spouses dating outside of the marriage. This raises new questions about the living environment that has been established. The new boyfriend/girlfriend immediately factors into the equation as their character is subject to question.

Settlements are also much more difficult to agree upon when one of the spouses has started dating. This reality could make the other spouse resentful and angry, which could ruin any chances of reaching an amicable settlement.

Those going through uncontested divorces may not have to worry as much about dating. Those who have been through long separations also tend to be less affected. But if you are unsure, it is best to seek out your attorney for advice as all situations are unique in nature.

When it comes time to seeking out divorce law Charlotte NC counsel, go with the experience and professionalism at Southpark Family Law. With a long history of success, Southpark Family Law can help you make the best of your divorce.